'Republicans are funding everything Obama wants'

Ben Shapiro: Boehner Likes Obama’s Executive Amnesty (Update: GOP to Give Social Security Benefits to Illegals) (video)

The Right Scoop

…Ben is exactly right. Levin has been saying this for a while as well. And it’s the same for Obamacare. Republicans are funding everything Obama wants.

Drudge has been headlining this for several hours:



The complete article, with Ben Shapiro’s video, is at The Right Scoop.



Related: Republicans Just Lost Their Last Chance to Defund Obama’s Immigration Move This Year

A key House committee led by Republicans ignored several GOP proposals Wednesday night that were aimed at defunding President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration…

…Those seeking amendment votes said it could be too late by next year. Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) proposed language to defund Obama’s immigration action, since Obama’s action will start to be implemented next year.

Mulvaney also said he and other Republicans don’t want to vote for the spending bill without the defunding language, since they believe Obama’s immigration moves are illegal.

“I believe that this president violated the separation of power and the Constitution by doing what he did,” he said. “I have a real problem voting to enable something that I believe, fund something that I believe is unconstitutional, even for 24 hours.”…



Chaffetz Helps Usher Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform through House with Unanimous Support

Today, S. 1691, the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act of 2014, unanimously passed the House by voice vote. Congressman Chaffetz sponsored its companion bill, H.R. 3463, in the House. This legislation now heads to the president to be signed into law…


Update: D.C. Whispers: Republicans In “Shouting Match” Over Budget Deal

“Look up the Nov. 13 letter to Lowey and Rogers if you want an idea of those of us who are really doing some fighting over this. These are members of Congress who actually feel a sense of duty to represent those who elected them.”


Update 2: Can Congress defund ‘executive amnesty?’ It’s not that simple

…“Current law further provides a permanent, indefinite authority for use of the adjudication fees in that account for specified purposes. As a consequence, the authority to expend these fees is controlled outside the annual appropriations process and does not depend on annual action by Congress,” said a CRS report dated Dec. 8…



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