Leftist Professors: We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us

Tom Lindsay

This is the leading campus story of the last few weeks: Dr. Frankenstein now fears the monster he created.

The Academy let slip the dogs of ideological war during the campus revolts of the ‘60s; now, some academics find that they are collateral damage, and are eager to sue for peace—too late, I fear, unless they abandon the moral-cultural relativism that serves as the source of the censorship and oppression metastasizing on our campuses…

…How have universities, whose defining mission requires that students examine some thoughts and projects that might prove to be unsettling, become such havens of monochrome thinking? Schlosser’s answer: “a simplistic, unworkable, and ultimately stifling conception of social justice” has produced “higher ed’s current climate of fear,” enforced through a “heavily policed discourse of semantic sensitivity.”

To explain the intellectual basis for this development, Schlosser turns to Professor Rebecca Reilly-Cooper’s analysis of the current campus climate, in which, says Reilly, “personal narrative and testimony are elevated to such a degree that there can be no objective standpoint from which to examine their veracity.” “Personal experience and feelings . . . are the entirety” of “identity politics.”…



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