#RachelDolezal shows the NAACP jumped the shark

Don Surber

Thank you, Rachel Dolezal, for showing how far the country has come racially. Black people no longer are passing as white people; white people are passing for black. That is a sign that being black is a bigger advantage than being white. She is not alone. Ben Jealous, the former president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. His skin is lighter than hers yet he embraced his black heritage, and not his white.

Dolezal claimed to be black and became not only the president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP but a college professor, teaching African-American Studies. She also called police in a series of racial hoaxes. Her parents say she has mental problems. I say she has a tanning bed.

The NAACP has defended her and jumped the shark in the process.

Conservatives are enjoying this farce, calling her transracial in the way Bruce Jenner says he is transsexual. However, just as his chromosomes are male, just as her genes are white.

Dolezal shows it is time to end this charade of oppression…


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…”Are you really gonna do this to your kid?” he asked rhetorically. “Are we gonna have this dysfunctional family stuff play out and distract us from key civil rights causes?”…


Update: Rachel Dolezal Has a Point

Friday night, she tweeted, “I am very happy to see more people joining us #TransracialLivesMatter #WrongSkin.”

She also tweeted a picture of herself next to a picture of Caitlyn Jenner, with the caption “who are you to decide what is right for me?”


Update 2: Did Rachel Dolezal Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ as Well as Her Race?

…regardless of where lefties come down on the issues, one troubling aspect of the controversy is largely going unnoticed: the fact that there appears to be a very good chance that Dolezal faked the commission of hate crimes several times in her past…



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