Liberals Explain How Stay-at-Home Parents Cheat the Almighty State Out of Taxes

John Hayward
Big Government
28 Jan 2015

“All within the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State,” declared Benito Mussolini.

This directive is further expounded on by Josh Barro at the New York Times, as he instructs us to view stay-at-home parents as tax cheats, because the work they do for themselves doesn’t involve the sort of financial transaction the all-consuming State can take a piece of…

…Class warfare is surely one of the forces in play here, as anyone who remembers the Obama campaign flipping out over stay-at-home moms after Ann Romney took the national stage should know. There is a strong belief on the Left, which is now heavily dependent on the support of single women, that stay-at-home motherhood is either a ridiculous extravagance available only to the rich, or a form of indentured servitude inflicted upon captive rural women by their hillbilly husbands. At the very least, they don’t see much net political loss from taking potshots at full-time parents.

There’s an ideological factor here, too, because the Left believes deeply in government over family. The State should be your family…



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