Like Warren, Obama Claims Cherokee Ancestry–But Offers No Proof

Michael Patrick Leahy
Big Government

President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren have more in common than just their liberal political ideology, Harvard Law pedigree, and Democratic Party affiliation. Both claim Cherokee ancestry, and neither can prove it.

Ms. Warren’s claims are current and well known, but President Obama’s claims were made back in 1995, when his memoir, Dreams from My Father, was published. On pages 12 and 13 of the 2004 paperback edition, the President unequivocally asserts his Cherokee ancestry…

…Dr. Milton Wolf is a Kansas radiologist and a vocal critic of Obamacare.

Wolf is also the author of the e-book First, Do No Harm, a columnist at the Washington Times, and has his own blog at The Wolf Files. Mr. Wolf and his immediate family met the President personally for the first time last year.

As to evidence of their shared Cherokee ancestry, Dr. Wolf acknowledges that it is based on nothing more than family lore. “Unfortunately, I don’t have in my possession any records to substantiate the family lore [of our Cherokee ancestry] or even know who does,” he said. “But I believe it to be true. One of my aunts has an old family photo album that contains at least one photo of a woman who is clearly Native American and purported to be family…I know that’s pretty thin but that the extent of what I know. This much I know: I’ve never checked the Native American box on any school or job application. I believe in a merit-based society.””

Dr Wolf’s mother, Anna Margaret McCurry Wolf, was first cousin to President Obama’s maternal grandmother, “Toot” Madelyne Payne Dunham…

The complete article–an impressive genealogical survey of the President’s family–is at Big Government.

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