Obama Administration Encourages Federal Workers to Stay Home to Lessen Carbon Footprint on Nation’s Capital

Penny Starr

(CNSNews.com) – Thousands of federal workers stayed home for at least some part of this week after pledging through teleworkexchange.com not to commute to work to mark Telework Week, Feb. 14-18.

The Web site, which acts as a platform for federal agencies and other interested parties to promote and implement telecommuting, claims that 39,141 people – much of them federal workers in the D.C. metro area – pledged to work at least some of the five-day workweek from home. The amount “saved” by cutting commuting costs over the week is $2,698,447, according to the “rolling calculator” on the Web site.

The calculator also determined that 3,594,718 pounds of “pollutants” were kept out of the environment by workers staying at home rather than commuting to work.

Cindy Auten, general manager of teleworkexchange.com who works from her home in Loudoun County, Va., told CNSNews.com that the numbers on the Web site are calculated from information provided by visitors who make a pledge, including data about their commute, such as the type of car they drive or their mode of public transportation, and the distance of their commute.

The Web site touts telecommuting as a “win-win-win opportunity for agencies/organizations, employees and the environment.”

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