Obama Furloughs the Sea

Mark Steyn
The Corner
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In my weekend column, I wrote re the feds’ determination to “close” large areas of open space by barricading them:

One would not be altogether surprised to find the feds stringing yellow police tape along the Rio Grande, the 49th parallel, and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts…

As it turns out, the government has now closed 1,100 square miles of water in Florida Bay.

In his first inaugural, Reagan famously said that “we are a nation that has a government, not the other way around.” When the government feels free to Barrycade off large chunks of the nation — from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam — it’s telling you: it’s the other way around.



Related: Obama Administration Refuses Local Offers To Keep Parks Open


…“I offered to reopen the Grand Canyon to visitors by using state money, but federal officials declined my offer,” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said in a Facebook post. “I really shouldn’t be surprised that the Obama Administration doesn’t want Arizona’s help.”…



 The House of Representatives continues to pass bipartisan bills to keep the government open

Senator Lee delivers a speech to highlight the bipartisan efforts in the House of Representatives to keep the government funded and to encourage Democrats in the Senate to compromise and get something done.


Also, from Facebook:

Senator Ted Cruz

If the Senate passes this bill for federal worker backpay, it will be the second time that Harry Reid and the Democrats will have blinked to approve targeted, House-passed funding measures. The question is, why federal workers and the military, but not veterans, or workers at the National Institutes of Health or national parks and monuments?The Senate Democrats’ position is untenable and plainly political. They want this shutdown to win political points. We should move forward on those areas where we have agreement sooner than later.



Update: Obama Barricades the Vietnam War Wall; “Removes” Vets Attempting to Look At It

You know it costs money to let people stand near an outdoor wall.

Previously on Leftist Tantrum Shutdown Theater: Obama closes the oceans, per Purple Avenger.




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