Obama Goes Golfing, Skips Aunt Zeituni’s Funeral







This is how The Weekly Standard reported the story:

President Obama did not attend the funeral of his late aunt Zeituni Onyango. Instead, he went golfing.

However, The NY Times (where the story was first reported) shows more, er…‘sensitivity’ in their coverage…



The article continues at TammyBruce.com



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…“Mr. Obama helped pay funeral expenses and sent a condolence note, Ms. Onyango’s family members said, but the president did not attend, as he was golfing,” wrote Jason Horowitz of the New York Times. Onyango was the half-sister of Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr.

This would be roughly Obama’s 166th round of golf of his presidency.

Horowitz also noted how, despite once calling Onyango “auntie,” Obama had distanced himself from his relative, who family members said once cared for Obama’s newborn daughter, Sasha, during his time as an Illinois state senator…



NYT: Aunt Zeituni Was Barack & Michelle’s Nanny In 2001

…Does this suggest that Barack and Michelle imported his Kenyan aunt to work illegally in the U.S. for them and then dumped her on the welfare system when she didn’t work out? Did they pay her or was this one of those quasi-slave labor arrangements? How many laws were broken?



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