Obama: I’m thinking maybe my problem is poor messaging


…How a guy who was touted during the campaign as one of the great orators in American history can now be complaining about communications problems, I simply don’t know. But I’ll give him this much: He might have done a little better pitching ObamaCare if he hadn’t outright lied about its key provisions. Mickey Kaus:

Is it surprising that Americans who are getting on toward the end of their lives—and who don’t need Obama’s health insurance “exchanges” because they’re already covered by Medicare—failed to support Obama’s plan? Obama himself gave, as an example of socially wasteful spending, the hip replacement his grandmother got after she was told she had terminal cancer. Perhaps seniors thought hard about Obama’s example and said, “Hmm. Our idea of health care reform isn’t having some ‘independent’ board decide we aren’t worth a hip replacement.”

Was it really necessary for Obama to alienate seniors—making it seem as if health insurance for the poor was going to be financed out of their hides, or at least their hips? What if instead of claiming that extending health care to everyone was (implausibly) part of deficit reduction, Obama claimed that extending health care to everyone was … extending health care to eveyone? Pay for it with spending cuts and tax increases, game the CBO estimates all you want—but leave the curve-bending and the “independent” treatment-nixing panels for later, if ever, It seems likely that at least a chunk of that 59 percent might have been won over. Even if they weren’t, a chunk of the 59 percent might not have been angry enough to go to the polls…

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