Obama lectures America on ‘living within our means’

CAJ note: You–and FLOTUS–first, Sir…

Awful. Obama Has Gall to Lecture America About “Living Within Our Means”

Jim Hoft

President Barack Obama took credit for the talks tonight that averted a government shutdown.

He also lectured America on “living within our means.”

CNN reported:

“Like any worthwhile compromise, both sides had to make tough decisions and give ground on issues that were important to them,” Obama said before cameras in the White House Blue Room as he acknowledged some of the cuts agreed to would be painful, with certain programs cut back and other projects encountering delays. “But beginning to live within our means is the only way to protect those investments that will help America compete for new jobs,”

Of course, Obama didn’t want to cut a dime from the budget that he increased by a trillion dollars in the last three years.

And, just so you know…

Barack Obama tripled the national deficit in his first year in office. In his second year the deficit was again a record $1.29 Trillion. This year the deficit will be even higher…

The article, with graphics, continues at GatewayPundit.

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