Obama Propaganda Fantasy Film Opens Tomorrow–Thanks to ‘Citizens United’

Breitbart News
Big Hollywood
12 Jul 2012

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign gets a boost tomorrow at select theaters nationwide.

The Obama Effect,” written and directed by veteran actor Charles S. Dutton, follows a man who drops everything in his life to support a certain single-term Senator from Illinois. Dutton plays an insurance salesman who survives a heart attack and decides to dedicate his days to supporting Obama’s presidential campaign.

The irony here is that an Obama valentine like “Effect” couldn’t hit theaters if it weren’t for the Citizens United case the Left hates with such a passion.

The movie also stars Katt Williams–playing a war-loving Republican; Meagan Good; Glynn Turman and Zab Judah.

Watch the video at Breitbart TV.

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