ObamaCare Architect Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Birth Control and Blood Transfusions

Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Magazine


…The justices in the majority go to great lengths to state that the Hobby Lobby decision is limited to contraception. But no principle differentiates contraception from blood transfusions or vaccines—or, for that matter, any other health-care services that employers find objectionable on sincerely held religious grounds.

I realize that Zeke is not exactly the sort of doctor who sees patients, but even he ought to know the difference between birth control and blood transfusions…

…Emanuel tries to dial up the alarmism by acting as if the decision would allow the denial of medical treatments that address a medical problem, as opposed to lifestyle products that are not treating a medical problem. If there’s any loophole here, it was created when ObamaCare mandated contraception coverage. Without that, there would have been no religious objections or loopholes.

From there Emanuel switches to promoting the end of employer health insurance and the beginning of the VA model…



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In all the hysterical howling from the left about the modest Hobby Lobby ruling, a letter to the editor by one Emmett C. Stanton in the San Francisco Chroniclemakes some very cogent points. I repeat them here…



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