Oil Plunges 4% on Demand Fears, Dollar’s Surge

15 Jun 2011

Oil slid more than 4 percent on Wednesday, as signs of further economic weakness fed demand worries and a rising dollar also weighed, triggering technical sell-stops and sending U.S. crude to its lowest level since February.

U.S. crude weakened early on data showing a rise in core inflation and shrinking New York manufacturing. It succumbed to intensifying selling pressure as it broke below the 150-day moving average and $95 key support. That eradicated brief gains after a big drop in weekly U.S. crude stocks, reported mid-morning.

“It’s a rush for the exits. The market has been overvalued for some time now…the Brent market has been a bubble and the bubble is bursting today,” said Tim Evans, energy analyst at Citi Futures Perspective.

“In my opinion, WTI would be fairly valued at $85 a barrel and Brent at $90 a barrel,” Evans added.

The slump came as the U.S. dollar extended gains for its biggest daily rise since September, with the dollar index up 1.8 percent, while the S&P 500 stock index tumbled by more than 1.6 percent to its lowest level since March.

The euro slid against the dollar, heading for its worst day in more than a month as investors fretted about the Greek debt crisis.

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