On MSNBC Leftist Political Cartoonist Calls for Revolution, Violence on Table


Political cartoonist Ted Rall appeared on the “Dylan Ratigan Show” on MSNBC to discuss his new book and the need for revolutionary change in America. While he did note violence is the last resort, it is one that he believes will ultimately become a part of the American DNA. Ratigan met his ideas with placid approval. Needless to say, it’s never noted that Rall is a man of the left.

H/T Founding Bloggers saying, “Who are the violent ones? The Tea Parties?”

According to Rall’s bio on Wikipedia:

Rall has called for Barack Obama to resign as President of the United States, stating: “the gap between the soaring expectations that accompanied Barack Obama’s inauguration and his wretched performance is the broadest such chasm in recent historical memory. This guy makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of integrity and follow-through.”

Rall is an atheist and writes some cartoons dealing with these views

The entire Wiki page is most enlightening.

In July 2009 Glenn Beck began introducing his audience to the book The Coming Insurrection and its call for violent revolution.

Update: A must-read analysis at Verum Serum, offering an except from Rall’s book: Ted Rall Book Except: Let’s Kill some Christians and Tea Partiers

Update 2: In the comments section at GatewayPundit Ted Rall left a message for Jim Hoft, who shared it with his readers:

At 8:57 this morning Ted Rall wrote this:

Can you guys read? In the excerpt from the Manifesto I explicitly state that the extreme right is better armed. That’s the problem: uneducated fools who think the earth is 6,800 years old are dangerous.

Actually Ted, you wrote that,

“I want to kick people in the ass… I want you to see that revolt is a good idea, and that it has never been more necessary.”

That would be a call to violence, Ted. Those are your words, not mine.
Wise up.

* * *

So here at CAJ we wonder: when people get hurt, or maybe even killed, as a result of Ted Rall’s demand for violent revolution, will liberals hold him, MSNBC, and others accountable? I mean, you know, like the Left inevitably does to Glenn Beck every time some lunatic goes off half cocked with a germ of an idea and a loaded gun? Hmmm?

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