Outgoing Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Blames Tea Party for Unemployment, Proud of Representing Illegal Aliens


Hilda Solis, the outgoing Secretary of Labor made some surprising comments in an interview with Fox News Latino:

In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with Fox News Latino on Wednesday, Solis, the first Hispanic Labor Secretary in U.S. history, made it clear that despite her resignation, politics still flow through her blood.

When asked whether she would consider running for the mayor of Los Angeles or governor of California, she proudly pandered to illegal aliens:

 ”I will absolutely make myself available,” said Solis, a four term congresswoman representing districts in the heavily Hispanic East LA area. “Many of the hardworking people in those immigrant communities that I represented were not full citizens but they paid taxes they had children that were born here.”

Not “full citizens”? I wasn’t aware there was a spectrum of citizenship.

And of course, what would be an interview of a Democrat without blaming the Tea Party?

The article continues, with video, at Soopermexican.

H/T GatewayPundit where there is more to read.

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