Priorities: As government shutdown looms, Eric Cantor holds meeting on amnesty

Matthew Boyle
Big Government
27 Sep 2013

As Congress faces a potential government shutdown, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is holding meetings to push amnesty for America’s illegal immigrants, National Review’s Jonathan Strong reported on Twitter.

“With clock ticking on shutdown, big mtg in Cantors office just now on … Immigration,” Strong tweeted.

Cantor spokesman Rory Cooper confirmed the immigration meeting to Breitbart News.

“Before the Senate had sent the House back a CR today, the Majority Leader briefly met with colleagues today to discuss ongoing committee activities related to immigration,” Cooper said in an email. “He also met with constituents and addressed the National Homeschool Leaders Conference. His top priority this week, today, and over the coming days is to keep the government open, while protecting Americans from the harmful effects of Obamacare, obviously.”

Cantor is not the only prominent Republican pushing for amnesty as a government shutdown looms…


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Related: ‘An amazing display of ignorance’ – GOP leader praises radical Marxist educator

…Cantor delivered his address at the Freire Charter School, and used part of his speech to honor the school’s namesake, Paulo Freire.

Cantor praised Freire as “a brilliant educator” who “earned a law degree and achieved a great deal.”

“Paulo Freire believed that everyone should have the necessary tools to succeed and he dedicated his life to providing those tools to the underserved,” Cantor gushed.

Cantor’s right, sort of. Freire did give “tools” to the “underserved,” but it wasn’t so they could land good-paying jobs and buy homes in middle-class communities, as the conservative lawmaker probably assumes.

The Brazilian educator and writer believed education should be used to equip individuals to lead a Marxist-style revolution against their capitalist “oppressors.”

Freire’s best-selling “education” book, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed,” teaches that students must be made aware of their oppression and the ones responsible for it. When students understand how they’ve been misused and mistreated by the capitalist system, they will join the struggle for their liberation and the creation of a classless society.

We’re guessing Cantor hasn’t read the book…


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