‘Prove me wrong’: Michelle Malkin sees through DOJ, FBI crackdown on Dems


…Yesterday, Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon and California State Senator Leland Yee, both Democrats, were arrested after getting caught in FBI stings going back several years. Think it’s just coincidental that the revelations about Dem corruption are coming out now? Michelle Malkin doesn’t:







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…Meanwhile, the offices of Democratic New York state Assemblyman William Scarborough were raided Wednesday, and Democratic state Sens. John Sampson and Malcolm Smith were indicted on federal corruption charges.

In Rhode Island, House Speaker Gordon Fox resigned after his office was raided this week as part of a joint investigation of the IRS, the FBI, the U.S. attorney’s office and state police.

Limbaugh said he was fascinated by “all this FBI stuff.”

“These investigations that they’ve been engaged in have been going on for years,” he observed.

“It’s like they’ve been doing this for years under the cover of darkness and everything else in a way that is perhaps saving the country.”

Limbaugh speculated that the Democratic Party itself was behind this rash of stings in order to “take out all their bad apples before the next election.”…



Muslim separatists, million dollar rocket launchers and a thug named ‘Shrimp Boy’: Revered California state senator accused of offering Asian arms dealer connections in exchange for campaign cash  (video)

  • San Francisco-area State Senator Leland Yee, 65, was arrested by federal and gang task force officials on Wednesday
  • He’s charged with agreeing to accept campaign donations from undercover agents in exchange for introductions to arms dealers
  • Also arrested was San Francisco Chinatown figure Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow, 54, who’s been connected to organized crime
  • Yee is the third democratic senator to face charges this year and one of 25 people listed as defendants in the case against him
  • Officials were seen hauling evidence from a building associated with the Chinese Freemasons on Wednesday, a group Chow once led

Update: Twitter user tips off CNN writers to Sen. Leland Yee’s arrest on gun trafficking charges



Leland Yee: An Anti-Gun Democrat Jihadists Can Love


Leland Yee – Gun Runner, Terrorist Enabler, Progressive Communist



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