Psych Report Confirms D'Souza 'Well-Adjusted'

Dem judge refuses to accept conclusion Obama critic made ‘mistake for good motives’

Jerome R. Corsi

NEW YORK – A psychiatrist’s report reviewed by WND confirms statements from defense attorney Benjamin Brafman to U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman in a sentencing review hearing in Manhattan that his client, filmmaker and bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza, is not suffering from any psychological disorders.

WND reported after the hearing that Berman, a Democrat appointed to the federal bench by President Bill Clinton in 1998, said he considers D’Souza’s violation of campaign-finance laws to be evidence of a psychological problem and ordered further counseling.

During the hearing, Brafman referenced that the defense had provided evidence to the court that a psychiatrist had evaluated D’Souza and had documented in a written consultation statement to the court there was no need to continue the psychiatric consultation because D’Souza, a strong critic of Barack Obama, was psychologically normal and well adjusted…

…‘Most stupid criminal ever, but not crazy’

“The motivation that got him into his current legal difficulty was to be a loyal supporter of a ‘family member’ with money rather than donating even more of his professional time, which was already overcommitted. From his point of view it was an act of generosity even though ultimately a clearly wrong decision,” he wrote…



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