Quote of the day, the Agenda 21 version

Because Progressives know what’s best for us.

In a conference call with reporters, [Energy Secretary] Mr. [Steven] Chu said the more-efficient bulbs required would save consumers money over the life of the product, even if the up-front price is higher.

We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money,” he said.

H/T Protein Wisdom

Remember, Secretary Chu thinks we should be paying European gas prices. We feel pretty sure he has a similar plan when it comes to our electricity bills, too! Because who doesn’t love hearing their utility bill is about to increase by 30%:

UK electricity bills to be among highest in Europe as Government focuses on nuclear

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Coming soon to your home unless you stop them – and you may never even get a choice – the insidious Smart Meter and the end of privacy as we know it. People don’t want these Big Brother devices installed and watching/recording their every move. Things are about to get ‘real’ between the government/Agenda 21 pushers and We The People. And if a fight comes, my money is on the Tea Party – they are a scrappy bunch and freedom lovers to boot.

The dance has already begun in certain places around the nation. In Marin, California, residents are slugging it out with PG&E and the FCC, UCLA’s epidemiology department and the California Public Utilities Commission. Looks like the Nanny State spared no expense in the fight to control Americans and I do mean ‘control.’…

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