Republican rep explains how Obama incited race riots, starting with the ‘Beer Summit’

Carmine Sabia
BizPac Review

Iowa Rep. Steve King took President Obama to task Saturday, blaming him for the conditions that caused civil unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson.

“President Obama has consistently driven wedges between people. And he perceives a difference on race, maybe on ethnicity, well yes on ethnicity, sexual orientation—wedge after wedge after wedge. I didn’t really imagine they were going to drive a wedge between the law and law-breakers,” King told reporters at the South Carolina Freedom Summit in Greenville.

King cited the example of Obama’s “Beer Summit” early in his first term with Cambridge, Mass., police Sgt. James Crowley and Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

No riots were caused by Obama’s intervention in the Cambridge dispute, but King said the seeds were being planted.

“That was instinctive on the part of the president in my view,” King said. “He concluded that the cop was wrong and the professor was right and he made it a national issue.”…


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