RNC Ad Hits Obama for Being “In Denial About the Very Meaning” of What a Tax Is

By PoliJAM
September 28, 2009

The Republican National Committee released a new hard-hitting web ad entitled ‘Dictionary,’ which attacks President Barack Obama for living “in denial about the very meaning of the word” – “tax.”

“Dictionary” features a clip from the president’s recent interview with George Stephanopoulos, in which the ABC News’ interviewer felt the need to correct the president on the very definition of what a “tax” is.

Below is a statement issued by RNC Chairman Michael Steele accompanying the ad which can be found at the bottom of the post.

“For months, President Obama has tried to convince the American people that his government-run health care experiment will be all gain and no pain, but they aren’t buying it. The fact is, his plan contains huge new taxes that will harm the economy and cost more jobs. Democrats are paying for their dangerous experiment with higher taxes on small business owners, charitable giving, and even middle-class families who can least afford it. I encourage President Obama to abandon these health care taxes and set a course for a truly bipartisan bill that embraces reforms Americans actually want and need.”

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