Outraged Herman Cain Cancels MSNBC Interview After ‘Race Card’ Charge

Daniel Noe The Western Center for Journalism 8/29/2012

Herman Cain told BreitbartTV that he decided to cancel his interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in protest to his charge to the RNC that Romney was playing the “race card” in his campaign. Cain encouraged other Republican guests to do the same.

Ann Coulter writes, Romney’s […]

Meltdown: Wisconsin GOP Chair’s RNC Bid Destroyed by Stimulus Scandal

Robert Stacy McCain The Other McCain 12/15/2010

Wisconsin Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus was, until tonight, a contender to replace Michael Steele as chairman for the Republican National Committee. But Priebus’s evident involvement in soliciting federal stimulus funds for his law firm’s clients emerged Tuesday as a scandal that will likely destroy whatever chance he […]

Politico, Sarah Palin, and the Republican Party

1 November 2010

A day before the elections, Michael Steele lashed out at anonymous GOP critics of Sarah Palin. AP Photo

Next for GOP leaders: Stopping Sarah Palin Mike Allen & Jim Vandehei Politico 10/31/2010

Top Republicans in Washington and in the national GOP establishment say the 2010 campaign highlighted an urgent task […]

The Delaware Senatorial race in headlines

15 September 2010

These headlines are from the current front page of The Hill:

Democrats see ray of hope, GOP chaos in surprise O’Donnell win

Biden: GOP said ‘no moderates need apply’

Steele to O’Donnell’s GOP critics: ‘Stop it’

Republican senators, Castle backers support O’Donnell campaign effort

Reid: Coons, ‘my pet,’ will win

Despite polls, […]

Hoyer ridicules Bohener’s ‘read the bill’ initiative

Michael O’Brien The Hill 7/22/2010

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) ridiculed on Thursday an effort pushed by Republicans to allow lawmakers more time to read legislation.

Hoyer dismissed a proposal by House GOP leader John Boehner (Ohio) and other Republicans to require 72 hours to read legislation before a final vote on it is […]

Bachmann introduces the new House Tea Party Caucus

Allahpundit HotAir.com 7/21/2010

CNN’s got the membership roster; scroll down and take a gander. Interestingly, despite all the press the movement’s gotten for being populated by women, there’s only one woman on the list right now aside from Bachmann herself. Also, shockingly, no Ron Paul, who’s not only considered a godfather of the movement by […]