SEAL's family files suit

O’Ryan Johnson and Owen Boss
The Boston Herald

The Bay State family of a former Navy SEAL killed in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack is suing his life insurance company, saying the policy he was forced to take out is “essentially worthless” because none of his surviving relatives can collect the benefits.

“It’s with a real heavy heart that we file this,” Kate Quigley of Marblehead, the sister of Glen Doherty, told Boston Herald Radio yesterday. “The long and short is that for two years we’ve been working with the agency because Glen had a life insurance policy, which is required, as anyone in his position would have. And the agency and the insurance companies have denied any benefits to be paid to his estate, and it’s been really frustrating.”

Doherty’s family has also filed claims with the CIA and State Department seeking 
$2 million in damages and alleging there was inadequate security at the compound where Glen and another ex-Navy SEAL were killed by mortar fire while holding off dozens of insurgents. Two other Americans, including the U.S. ambassador, also lost their lives in the attack…


The article continues at The Boston Herald.


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