Send Speaker Pelosi a birthday surprise

‘Copies of the Constitution are gifts that keep on giving’


WASHINGTON – Would you like to send a “meaningful” gift to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her 70th birthday Friday?

“Phone calls are nice,” says Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND. “Cards are fine. But how about a letter explaining why her behavior is illegal, accompanied by a copy of the Constitution? Copies of the Constitution are gifts that keep on giving.”

You can do that this week with similar gifts going to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Barack Obama easily and inexpensively through WND’s “Send the Constitution” program for just $9.95.

So far, since the program was launched a few weeks ago, more than 6,000 copies have been sent and delivered by Fed Ex.

Farah said the program was inspired by his reckoning that the common denominator in the federal government’s overreaching and destruction of the economy and individual liberties is that all of its actions are violations of the law of the land.

“What do health care, stimulus bills, bailouts and other abuses have in common?” he asked. “It’s very simple. We’ve got a rogue government that no longer recognizes its strictly limited powers under the Constitution. It’s time for a demonstration and an education.”

How do you send them the message?

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