Springtime for Occupy!

Frances Fox Piven & Stephen Lerner’s Six Risky, Strategic Steps Forward for the Evicted Movement

Benny Johnson
The Blaze

It’s Springtime for Occupy! That means the brilliant cast of characters that brought you the noxious, multimillion dollar expense to the taxpayer are back for a second round. Two of The Blaze’s favorite leaders of civic unrest, arch-liberal sociologist Frances Fox Piven and SEIU labor organizer Stephen Lerner discussed how Occupy Wall Street will pivot to a far more local, intimate occupation this spring after being evicted from their public squatting grounds with rubber bullets and crews in post apocalyptic hazmat suits. In an in-depth interview with Democracynow.org, Piven and Learner lay out five integral steps that Occupy will be taking this spring to keep a pulse going…

…Piven fantasizes, ”Protest movements have a long life—10, 15 years—and they are what we have to rely on to take our country back.” Learner’s closing plea is unabashed in its socialist constructs, “Imagine building the kind of movement that can transform the country, that can really talk about redistributing wealth and power. And there’s never a better time to get involved.” We will soon see if the tent-bound progressive armies show up to answer the call.

Read the plan and watch the video at The Blaze.

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