Donna Brazile and the Bitter Realities of Obamacare

Turns out her premiums are going up. Who knew?

Ryan James Girdusky The American Spectator 3/1/2013

On February 27, political strategist Donna Brazile’s Twitter feed became a conservative dream come true: a Democrat facing the reality of government regulation. Brazile has been one of President Obama’s strongest advocates and supporters, especially regarding Obamacare. She tweeted […]

Obama: 'Absolutely' No Regrets For Ignoring Economy for First Two Years


Joel B. Pollak Big Government 24 Oct 2012

The Obama campaign has finally released the transcript of his endorsement interview with the Des Moines Register–and it is clear why they were reluctant to do so: the President says he has “absolutely” no regrets about ignoring the economy during the first two years […]

‘Do your damn homework’

posted by Maetenloch Ace of Spades HQ 10/11/2010