Feds lift ban on ‘Jesus’ on Capitol Christmas tree

by Bob Unruh WorldNetDaily October 1, 2009

Just one day after WND reported that rules for the 2009 Capitol Christmas Tree program prevented children from submitting decorations with themes such as “Happy Birthday, Jesus” and “Merry Christmas,” state and federal officials are confirming the policy has been rescinded.

WND’s report came after a letter was […]

Government forbids ‘religious themes’ on 5,000 decorations for Capitol’s Christmas Tree

By Bob Unruh WorldNetDaily October 1, 2009

The U.S. Forest Service has banned the name of Jesus from decorations being assembled by children in Arizona for a blue spruce from the state that will become the Capitol Christmas Tree this year, and a legal firm is challenging the censorship.

“Banning Christmas from the Capitol Christmas […]