Ted Cruz Urges Obama Administration to Let Texas Handle Its Border Security Crisis

Natalie Johnson
The Daily Signal

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has stepped up efforts in his campaign to #MakeDCListen.

Cruz sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security yesterday asking the administration to allow Texas to secure its border during the present “humanitarian crisis.”

In the letter, Cruz referred Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s request that the federal government allow the state to take “decisive action” to mitigate the influx of unaccompanied children illegally crossing into the United States.

Cruz described the crisis as a “direct consequence” of the Obama administration’s “refusal” to deal with the growing problem.

“Children are pushed into the hands of criminals because the Obama administration has made it clear to the world that any child who arrives, regardless of whether they are granted formal legal status, will be permitted to stay in the United States,” Cruz wrote.

This comes after yesterday’s announcement by Texas Gov.Rick Perry and other state officials that Texas would commit its own resources to fortifying the border because of the influx of children and other immigrants in McAllen and West Texas…



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…”The responsibility for securing the border rests exclusively on the federal government. The federal government’s failure to secure the border has created an incentive for families to send their children on a dangerous, and sometimes fatal, journey. Until the federal government fulfills its duty, it falls on the State of Texas to address those obligations…”



Rand Paul Op-Ed: Secure the border (video)

What we have now is a lawless border. Current policy is a beacon for more illegal immigrants. The Obama administration’s lawless executive orders legalizing people who came here illegally will only encourage more illegal immigration—unless we act now with real, strong, verifiable border security.


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White House Admits “Rumors” of Amnesty Motivating Illegal Border Crossings

…The White House admitted rumors of free entry to the United States are motivating migrants to risk the trek northward. Officials said they are pushing back against “misinformation,” noting that Vice President Biden’s trip to Guatamala to meet with the leaders of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico is part of that effort.

“[They will] outline ways in which we will be working together to deal with this problem, again the source, to make sure we are doing everything possible both to support countries in stemming the tide of this migration but also to deal with the misinformation that is being deliberately planted by criminal organizations, by smuggling networks, about what people can expect if they come to the United States,” White House Director of Domestic Policy Cecilia Muñoz said on a conference call with reporters Friday…



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