The Double Standard on Taping Mitt Romney and John Kerry

Daniel Greenfield
FrontPage Magazine

When Mitt Romney was taped at a fundraiser, more than once as a matter of fact, the media celebrated the act. But when Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin taped John Kerry at the Trilateral Commission describing Israel as a future Apartheid state, he was subjected to a stream of nasty and dishonest attacks by Politico’s Dylan Byers.

It’s a given that Dylan Byers would not be headlining stories on Rogin as a “Repeat Offender” or describing his response as “blustery” and “self-righteous” if Rogin had taped a Republican saying something stupid and off-putting.

Byers’ attack on Rogin is notable for its own self-righteous bluster and its complete lack of substance…

…The problem here isn’t that Josh Rogin taped a politician saying something bad. It’s that he taped the wrong politician.

And it might be time to admit that…



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