True toll of mass migration on UK life

Half of Britons suffer under strain placed on schools, police, NHS and housing

  • Half of population lives in town/city with high immigration in past decade
  • Ministers say ‘uncontrolled’ flow has caused problems for wider society
  • There’s pressure on maternity services and high infectious disease rates
  • Squeeze on school places and disproportionate levels of certain crimes
  • Has also resulted in inflated rents and immigrants living in ‘beds in sheds’


James Slack
The Daily Mail [UK]
3 July 2013

The full impact of mass immigration on British life was laid bare last night by a Home Office report.

It said that half the population lives in a town or city which has experienced high levels of immigration over the past decade.

Ministers said this ‘uncontrolled’ flow had caused a number of problems for wider society, ranging from pressure on maternity services, high rates of infectious diseases and a squeeze on school places, to disproportionate levels of some types of crime, inflated rents and immigrants living in ‘beds in sheds’.

In the landmark report, Home Office researchers studied every one of the 348 local authority areas in the country.

Each was examined to see if it had accommodated high levels of asylum seekers, low-skilled workers, foreign students and other migrant groups.

Overall, migration was found to have had a major impact in 127 of the areas, covering half of the total population…

…While acknowledging the hugely important work carried out by foreign doctors and nurses, researchers revealed a string of pressures on the NHS.

They said that, in a single year, 73 per cent of TB cases reported in the UK, almost 60 per cent of newly diagnosed cases of HIV, and 80 per cent of hepatitis B-infected UK blood donors were from those who were born outside of the UK…

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