Two Clinton delegates say Obama campaign used intimidation to win 2008 nomination

Two Democrats (Including Gloria Allred) Say Obama Campaign Used Intimidation to Win 2008 Democrat Nomination – Video

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Here is video of two Democrats who were delegates for Hillary Clinton in 2008 at the Democrat National Convention who say they were prevented from actually casting their vote for Hillary, even though they were required by law to do so.

One of the two interviewed here is lawyer Gloria Allred, who said she was “gagged” and kept from telling fellow-delegates that they had to vote in accord with their constituents’ wishes. They are part of a new documentary that lays out the case that the Obama campaign used intimidation to take the nomination away from Hillary Clinton.

Exit Question: Could this be part of a movement of Hillary supporters designed to get her to challenge Obama in 2012?

To watch the interview go to Weasel Zippers.

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bettysuela says:

I am one of the producers of the film. It was the most horrifying experiences of my life. After what I saw, I ran to register GOP and am there for life. I’ve never, ever, ever seen anything as criminally insane as the Demoncrap Party and what they did to THEIR OWN candidate, Mrs. Clinton. I will never forget it, nor will the 5.5 Million Hillary voters who voted for McCain. They’re still out there, and ready for midterms, to let the Demoncrap crooks know what they STILL think of their corrupt party. How anyone could call themselves a Demoncrap with a clear conscience I will never know. This was 100 times worse than anything I could have imagined would happen in our country. At the convention, Brad Sherman (D-Corruptocrat) told my partner that “there was so much fraud in this primary that we look like a banana republic.” That’s what Obama has done to us. I’m appalled.

CAJ note: We’re curious to know why someone like Gloria Allred waited to come forward nearly two years after the fact. We can understand why some of the delegates might have felt intimidated into silence. Whatever Allred’s motives are we hope they will be revealed in time.

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