U.S. Networks Join British Authorities in Hushing Muslim Sex Abuse Scandal

Kristine Marsh

Imagine a sex scandal centered on a small area, involving decades of abuse, with hundreds of children raped, assaulted and prostituted. Authorities suspected or knew of the crimes but did nothing, preferring to protect the abusers than aid their victims or see justice done.

If that city were in, say, Ireland, and the abusers Catholic priests, the U.S. networks would report it immediately and continuously. And rightly so. But move that city to northern England, and make the perpetrators Muslim men? Don’t look to ABC, NBC or CBS for details.

In Rotherham, England, the widespread, systematic sexual abuse of young girls has finally been brought to light. A report published Aug.21, by Professor Alexis Jay, a former Chief Inspector of Social Work in Scotland, found that between 1997 and 2013, more than 1400 young English girls were raped, threatened, and tortured by men in a sex trafficking scandal which is making waves online and in British media but hasn’t made a blip on American news shows.The report shows that Rotherham officials and Council members knew about the abuse for years but did nothing. You see, all but one of these men were Pakistani and Muslim; the girls were white. Britain is even more paralyzed by political correctness and fear of charges of “Islamo-phobia” than the U.S. is. One Rotherham official even admitted he didn’t want to “rock the multicultural boat.” As reward for bringing to light such a heinous scandal, a researcher involved in the case was intimidated, harassed and punished for reporting her findings to the local Council…



The article continues at Newsbusters.



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Update:  ‘Gang trafficked 13-year-old runaway between hotels and flats in Bradford so they could take it in turns to abuse her’

  • Gang of five alleged to have coerced youngster into having sex with them
  • Girl had just turned 13 when she was ‘befriended’ by men in Sheffield
  • One man said to have described her as ‘gorgeous’ and ‘a nice, beautiful girl’



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