Wahhabism and the First Amendment

by Creeping Sharia
January 16, 2010

via Commentary Magazine, “Wahhabism and the First Amendment”:

Do we have to take the chance that imported Wahabbism is creating physical danger for Americans? Does something in our law require us to permit the Wahabbi religious establishment of Saudi Arabia to create Wahabbist institutions in the U.S.?

I think the answer is plain: absolutely not. The assumption that American law cannot distinguish between Saudi mosques and American mosques is baseless. There is no case holding that a foreign religious establishment is entitled to claim the protections of the First Amendment. Indeed, in all the voluminous jurisprudence that has grown up around the First Amendment, there is nothing that even suggests that its protections apply to the Wahabbist enterprise of planting on American soil mosques and affiliated organizations whose financing and organization are in the hands of a foreign religious establishment…

via Pajamas Media, “Terrorism Works, Even When It Doesn’t”:

Time to face facts. We have lost the battle and we will lose the war unless we muster the courage to become proactive and take the fight to the enemy. The “rules of interaction” must be rewritten…It means bringing the Saudis to heel, which can be done despite their immense, Western-derived oil wealth. It means shutting down the mosques in which domestic terrorism is fomented, designating CAIR, ISNA, and their clones as criminal or treasonous organizations, and annulling their license to operate. It means rigorous profiling of obvious suspects regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds. It means compelling university administrators to prevent their campuses from becoming radical hotbeds of anti-American agitation and anti-Western propaganda…

The entire article is at Creeping Sharia

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