Wanted: short, fat white man to succeed Barack Obama

As the glamour of Barack Obama fades, Americans are likely to turn to entirely different presidential candidates next time, argues Toby Harnden in Washington.

Toby Harnden’s American Way
Telegraph [UK]
6 Mar 2010

You could call it the revenge of the ugly white guys. After electing a handsome sleek, biracial – and untested – man as President last time, Americans may well be ready for something entirely different in 2012.

Remember that you heard it here first: make way for the short, pudgy, balding white fellow who’s been there and got the scars – and the results – to prove it.

In many respects, Barack Obama was the ultimate candidate for the television age. He looked fantastic and sounded wonderful. He soared above politics and made people feel better about themselves.

Ability to get things done? Track record? Such petty considerations seemed beside the point in 2008 for Obama was the very culmination of history. It was almost as if the then Senator for Illinois symbolised the end of politics, the point at which the perfect candidate drew a line under grubby partisanship.

Now, Americans have woken up from that dream and are living with the hangover. Neither history nor politics ended when Obama’s ascended to the Oval Office. The recession is biting, unemployment is still hovering just below 10 per cent, the deficit is soaring and there is still gridlock in Washington.

Having elected two Senators as President and Vice-President for the first time since 1960, Americans are likely to look once again towards the more traditional stable for commanders-in-chief – the governor’s mansions.

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