Rand Paul Airs His List of Festivus Grievances on Twitter

FoxNews.com 12/23/2014

Fresh off his public spat with Senate colleague and possible 2016 GOP primary rival Marco Rubio, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) got into the holiday spirit today on Twitter.

No, not Christmas or Hanukkah … Festivus!

As he did last year, the senator put out his list of grievances, based on the classic 1997 […]

'Don't drive like my brother.' Sad News from Car Talk Plaza

Car Talk Facebook 11/3/2014

We are truly heartbroken to report to you that one of Car Talk’s hosts, Tom Magliozzi has passed away at the age of 77.

We have more info on our web site, cartalk.com, where we’re also remembering Tom right now with pictures, stories and some of our favorite moments from his […]

'True Blood' makes an episode bashing Ted Cruz, Ted’s response is legendary

Joshua Riddle Young Conservatives 7/22/2014

HBO’s show “True Blood” showing how classless they are. Reminds me of the time Game of Thrones put George Bush’s head on a stick.

Ted Cruz posted this on his Facebook page in response.






Amanda Carpenter finishes them off……



The article continues […]

Push back: Walmart responds to recent New York Times hit piece with surprisingly aggressive tone

T. Beckett Adams The Washington Examiner 6/23/2014

The New York Times published an op-ed recently decrying Walmart for not paying its workers higher wages and for promoting “income inequality.”

And although it’s not exactly new or interesting for an op-ed to attack the mega retailer, what is interesting is how Walmart responded.

Basically, Walmart took […]

‘Vladimir Putin’ Calls Sarah Palin on ‘The Tonight Show’

Austin Petersen The Libertarian Republic 03 Apr 2014

On Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show Wednesday, “Vladimir Putin” called Governor Sarah Palin to discuss how she predicted in 2008 that he would invade Ukraine. With Barack Obama spying on the call, Putin congratulates Palin on her prediction saying, ”I come from strong jeans. President Obama, he […]

Fallon Mocks Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

Katrina Trinko The Foundry Heritage.org 4/2/2014

Comedian Jimmy Fallon isn’t buying the hype over the 7.1 million Obamacare enrollees announced yesterday.

“It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory, and fine people if they don’t do it, and keep extending the deadline for months,” cracked the Tonight Show host. “It’s like a […]