We Are All Border States Now

Mark Steyn

President Obama took it upon himself to dissolve the southern border of the United States (it’s a different matter on the 49th parallel, as Canadians or tourists bearing Kinder eggs well know). So, if there is no southern borderde jure, where is it de facto? Try Massachusetts:

DARTMOUTH, Mass. – Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson said Monday that he’s dealing with a problem in Dartmouth that shouldn’t be his responsibility.

It’s not a new theme for him. He’s sounded the alarm about illegal immigrants before, but now he says it’s getting closer and closer to home.

Illegal immigrants come across the border in the American Southwest. When they are detained, the wave of humanity has overwhelmed local capacity. The illegal immigrants are being sent all over the country, including Massachusetts.

We’re all becoming border states now… We know there are going to be more coming here from Texas. We’ve already got two groups coming off the planes here,” Hodgson said.

More from NECN:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, has admitted that since April, four planes transported undocumented immigrants to detention centers in Massachusetts.

The federal government does not bother to inform the states on whom it’s dumping these “children”, many with diseases unseen in decades. The President has appointed himself Coyote-in-Chief, express-tracking illegal immigrants from the shores of the Rio Grande deep into the country – until, as Sheriff Hodgson says, we are all border states…

…By the way, for all those Chamber of Commerce Republicans, once Texas tips into the purple-state category, never mind goes full blue like Nixon and Reagan’s California did in the space of little more than a generation, what conceivable electoral-college math will ever add up to a GOP President ever again? …



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