What if this had been a Tea Party?

or a Klan rally? Warning…this video is not for children or those who are easily offended.

Video: Obama Repeatedly Called a “N*gger” and “Coon” by Black Participants in 2009 Rally Organized by NAACP Official…
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I really hope this story gains some traction. If these people were white it would be a dead-ringer for a Klan rally…

(From Yes, But However– …Reverend Gatewood is the 2nd vice president of the North Carolina NAACP Conference of Branches. He is currently serving his forth term. Prior to 2005, he was the president of the Durham (NC) chapter.

November 2009 – Gatewood Co-Organizes an Anti-Semitic “Hate Fest” Under the Banner of His Position with the NAACP

In 2009, Gatewood helped form the “Black is Back Coalition,” with the intent of holding a massive rally in Washington D.C. on November 7th. Gatewood served as the event’s official North Carolina organizer. Among Gatewood’s partners in this coalition were Abdul Alim Musa, the notorious anti-Semite and terrorism supporter who has applauded the murder of Jewish civilians (see background info here and here), and Omali Yeshitela, the longtime black separatist and self-proclaimed foe of the NAACP (whose many racist and radical statements are catalogued here).

In the over one-hundred and forty online references to the Black is Back Coalition, in every instance Gatewood uses his NAACP credentials to describe himself as a member of the coalition.

The “statement” of the coalition includes a direct swipe at President Obama:

“We are determined to shatter the silence and the assumption of universal support for U.S. imperialism within our community because white power is now represented to the world in black face (Obama).”

It also includes an obligatory swipe at Israel:

“We must act because of the suffering of the Palestinian people whose land and freedom are under the merciless jack-booted assault of the white nationalist Israeli settler state, paid for with U.S. dollars.”

The full-length audio from the event is available here. But, to provide a taste of the nature of the event that Gatewood (publicly using his NAACP credentials) helped organize, here are a few choice snippets:

The crowd was led in a stirring chant of “Israel ain’t no friend of mine…black is back, free Palestine!,” over and over again.

Racial Slurs Hurled at Obama

Rapper Head-Roc referred to President Obama as a “nigger” and a “coon” in a rap he performed for the crowd. In reference to Obama inviting the police officer who arrested Professor Henry Gates to the White House ”beer summit” (the rapper mistakenly calls Henry Gates “Bill Gates”), Head-Roc says of “the Prez:” “Man, I tuned out when that nigger went the ‘coon’ route.” Longtime radical activist Pam Africa, president of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal (she had also been part of the MOVE black power cult) repeatedly called Obama a “nigger” as well, to the applause and cheers of the audience (she also exhorts the crowd to “whup his ass.”

For Tea Party activists, the irony must be particularly satisfying. The NAACP could not produce any video or audio evidence to back up the claim that the “n word” was hurled at black Congressmen during protests over the healthcare bill. But here, at a rally co-organized by an NAACP leader, we have both video and audio evidence of the president being called that very word.)

Read the entire article at  Yes, But, However!

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