Where did Van Jones come from? Ask Bill Clinton

by Foundingbloggers.com
October 23, 2009

This is a follow up to our previous post regarding ACORN’s legislative victory in New York, and how the Van Jones founded “Green For All” helped secure the cash.

In the course of researching the topic, we came across a couple of interesting/disturbing details about the Marxist re-distributer Van Jones.

Recently, the organization that Van Jones founded, “Green For All” received a multi-million dollar windfall from Bill Clinton’s foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative.

[New York, September 25, 2009] – Today, at the closing session of Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting, Living Cities and Green For All unveiled the Energy Efficiency Opportunity Fund alongside former President Bill Clinton. The groundbreaking fund will finance innovative efforts to retrofit homes, businesses and community facilities to achieve greater energy efficiency while also creating jobs and cutting energy costs for low-income families.

This cash infusion comes AFTER Mr. Jones has been outed as a Marxist 9/11 truther.

Why would the Clinton Initiative be so gracious to an organization founded by someone so radical? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that “Green For All” was co-founded by the Clinton Global Initiative, with Van Jones.

The report continues here.

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