While You Were Sleeping… Soros Has Been Busy!


Soros, Obama, Uganda & Oil: its a Gas!

Why did Obama choose a Friday afternoon to furtively launch a fourth simultaneous war, without even consulting first with Congress, and without giving any indication what vital national interests might be involved? Aaron Klein has a suggestion that might bear investigation:

An influential “crisis management organization” that boasts billionaire George Soros as a member of its executive board recently recommended the U.S. deploy a special advisory military team to Uganda to help with operations and run an intelligence platform.

The president-emeritus of that organization, the International Crisis Group, is the principal author of Responsibility to Protect, the military doctrine used by Obama to justify the U.S.-led NATO campaign in Libya.

Soros’ own Open Society Institute is one of only three nongovernmental funders of the Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect, a doctrine that has been cited many times by activists urging intervention in Uganda. …

Several of the doctrine’s main founders also sit on boards with Soros, who is a major proponent of the doctrine.

Soros himself maintains close ties to oil interests in Uganda. …

…[Ed] Lasky notes that Obama has previously put the US government at the service of the Nazi collaborator and Shadow Government kingpin George Soros to help him export liquefied natural gas from Papua New Guinea.

Soros’s oil interests may explain Obama’s bizarre and pernicious energy policy, which has resulted in shutting down American drilling in the Gulf of Mexico…

Read the entire article, with video from GBTV, at Winds of Jihad.

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