Why is the Media claiming November won’t be as bad for Democrats as expected…

…and that Obama’s lock for a re-election in 2012?


Here’s an interesting article we saw over at RealClearPolitics today, where the author, Byron York, refutes some of the nonsense we hear in the national Media about November not being as bad for Democrats as we believe it will be.

Is the Media just lying, for the sake of lying, because it wants to keep Democrats from becoming Eeyores who’ll stay home on election day to fulfill the prophesy, or is something else at play here.

In the last two years we’ve had the unusual opportunity to actually spend time with a great many reporters, print, digital, radio, and TV.  With few exceptions, all of these people have been very nice — but they have all been 100% Liberal.  So much so that they don’t even realize it themselves, because the “journalism” they were taught in college has a deliberate and predetermined Liberal bent, the professors they admired and who mentored them are all unabashedly Liberal, and perhaps the only people who go into journalism to begin with are those with this Liberal leaning in them while growing up.  Once they graduate and are hired into Liberal news organizations, that Liberalism only grows, since their new bosses are Liberals, their colleagues are Liberals, and whoever’s assigned to mentor them in the workplace is Liberal too.

Something happens to these people, where they become unable to see the world through anything but Liberal eyes.

Trust us, we’ve had long discussions with some of these reporters — many of whom just can’t fathom how anyone out there can NOT support what the current “president” is doing to this country, or just how far Democrats have fallen in the eyes of former party loyalists.

That’s actually why the RAAACISM! garbage is thrown around so much in the Media, and why everyone in the Tea Party Movement who is revolting against this spendthrift, reckless government is so casually called a RAAACIST! — it’s because the Media has no other way to understand how someone can oppose what’s happening under the “historic and unprecedented first black president” these people have been waiting for their entire adult lives, so therefore this unexplainable (to them) behavior must be rooted in RAAACISM!  That’s the only explanation their ivy-league-degreed minds can come up with.

The article continues at HillBuzz.org

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