Woolwich attacks: Lee Rigby’s tearful family speak of their pride in murdered soldier

The wife of murdered soldier Drummer Lee Rigby says he was “a devoted father” and she and her son Jack “will both miss him terribly”.

The Telegraph [UK]
24 May 2013

Drummer Lee Rigby’s wife Rebecca and stepfather Ian Rigby fought back tears as they spoke on behalf of the tragic 25-year-old’s whole family, at an emotional press conference at the Regimental HQ of his unit, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers at Bury in Greater Manchester.

Rebecca Rigby, mother of their two-year-old son Jack, said: “I love Lee and always will. I am proud to be his wife and he was due to come up this weekend so we could continue our future together as a family.”

Drummer Rigby, from Langley, in Middleton, Greater Manchester, was from 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, had served in Afghanistan and was attached to the Regimental Recruiting Team when he was hacked to death in broad daylight on Wednesday afternoon in Woolwich, south-east London.

Two suspects were shot and arrested at the scene and remain in police custody.



The article continues at The Telegraph.

Also at The Telegraph, today’s updates on the attack, with video:

…Nearly 100 senior British imams have signed a letter condemning the Woolwich attack.

The letter read: “We share the absolute horror felt by the rest of British society at the sick and barbaric crime that was committed in the name of our religion. We condemn this heinous atrocity in the strongest possible terms.

“It is a senseless act of pure depravity worthy of nothing but contempt. There can be no justification for murder.”…


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Help For Heroes website crashes as thousands try to donate

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The wedding of murdered Woolwich soldier Lee James Rigby to Rebecca Metcalfe in October 2007 in Southowram Halifax, West Yorkshire Photo: Rossparry

The wedding of murdered Woolwich soldier Lee James Rigby to Rebecca Metcalfe in October 2007 in Southowram Halifax, West Yorkshire Photo: Rossparry



Update“She just showed a bit of motherly love. She just did what any mother would have done.”

“The only thing people need to worry about is that poor man’s mum.”


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Update 2British Man Charged With Making “Anti-Religious” Comments After Islamic Terror Attack On Facebook…


Killing vs. Tweeting in England

The English legal system stood down for 20 minutes as a British soldier was run down and hacked to death on a London Street.  The unarmed police waited for the armed police.

Meanwhile two men “tweeted” uncomplimentary comments about the practitioners of Islam who committed the murder.  Police reacted swiftly and arrested the tweeters…


French Anti-Terror Soldier Attacked by Bearded, North African Wearing a Jihab

A French Soldier (in uniform) was attacked in Paris while conducting his “anti-terrorist” duties. The soldier’s throat was stabbed by knife-wielding man described by police as “bearded, of North African origin and wearing a light coloured jihab’ under a jacket.”…



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