Newtown shooter tried to outkill Norway mass murderer

Andy Soltis The New York Post 2/19/2013

The gunman who carried out the Newtown school massacre was inspired by violent video games — and was trying to outdo a Norwegian mass murderer who killed 77 people, it was reported yesterday.

Adam Lanza believed he was in ghoulish competition with Anders Breivik, who carried out a […]

U.K.: ‘There are 25 areas around the country which the government has earmarked as areas where violent extremism is a problem’

Marisol Jihad Watch 7/20/2011


The “Sharia zones” continue to advance, more or less unchallenged. The lack of a response rewards the Islamic supremacists’ behavior, encouraging and guaranteeing much more of it.

An update on this story. “‘No porn or prostitution’: Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities,” by Rebecca […]

Geert Wilders’ Statement on the Norwegian Atrocities

Baron Bodissey Gates of Vienna 7/26/2011

Many thanks to the PVV for sending this:

Statement of Geert Wilders concerning the massacre in Norway

The brutal murder of dozens of innocent Norwegian civilians several days ago has shocked the Freedom Party (Dutch PVV). We mourn and stand by the Norwegian people who suffer from a massive […]

MSM Ignores How Oslo Shooter’s Own Manifesto Completely Destroys “Christian Conservative” Label

Ezra Dulis Big Journalism 7/27/2011

Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, penned before his horrific mass murder in Oslo, contains 1,500 full pages of text, yet the New York Times has not asked readers to pore over it and help them find information relevant to their coverage of his terrorist attack. The Huffington Post has not posted […]

Glenn Beck responds to Al Jazeera 7/26/2011

An op-ed on Al Jazeera accused Glenn Beck of being a terrorist, saying:

Anders Behring Breivik, Mohammed Atta and Baruch Goldstein are all cut from the same rotten cloth. Anwar Al-Awlaki and Glenn Beck – the peddlers of the faith – all share the same core afflictions.

These men are insecure, violently inclined, […]

“The Norway Attacks, 2011” — A View From Ireland

Dymphna Gates of Vienna 7/24/2011

Mark Humphrys, that rara avis — a libertarian, pro-American Dubliner — has fisked the Oslo murderer in a novel way: by comparing the killer’s views to his own (emphases in the original):

This sadistic, barbaric attack must be one of the strangest terror attacks ever. One would never think, from […]