Obama grasps for climate legacy as second-term agenda crumbles

Ben Geman The Hill 11/8/2013

President Obama has a chance to craft a second-term legacy on climate change even as the rest of his agenda runs aground in Congress.

Gun control legislation is dead; immigration reform is on life support; and reaching a fiscal deal with Republicans appears to be a long shot.

To make […]

Americans keep moving to states with low taxes and housing costs

Michael Barone The Washington Examiner 10/30/2013

Where are Americans moving, and why? Timothy Noah, writing in the Washington Monthly, professes to be puzzled. He points out that people have been moving out of states with high cheapest viagra to buy online in uk per capita incomes — Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland — to states […]

500,000 Acre, Private Property Land-grab By U.S. Forest Service

Suzanne Eovaldi The Western Center for Journalism 1/9/2013

Nearly 200,000 American citizens in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties could lose free use of their private lands and property if the proposed Rim of the Valley National Park converting two national parks becomes law! A continuation of United Nations-sponsored Agenda 21′s aims of shoving American citizens […]

Goodbye Property Rights

Michael S. Coffman and Kristie Pelletier NewsWithViews.com 12/5/2012

Since the early 1970s there has been a systematic and deliberate effort to destroy private property rights in America through the warm and fuzzy goal of sustainable development.

David Rockefeller co-founded the Club of Rome in 1968 as an elite, somewhat occult think tank. The Club of […]

Agenda 21: Obama Administration Racing Towards Rio + 20

Laura Rambeau Lee Big Government 8/14/2011

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held on August 2 – 6, 2010 in Bonn, Germany. It was the third round of U. N. climate change negotiations with representatives from 178 governments present. The meeting was designed to set the agenda for what they hoped […]

How biofuels can impact global food prices

‘Food will never be so cheap again’

Biofuel refineries in the US have set fresh records for grain use every month since May. Almost a third of the US corn harvest will be diverted into ethanol for motors this year, or 12pc of the global crop.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Telegraph [UK] 25 Oct 2009

The […]