On First Day, Democrats Propose Eight Anti-Gun Bills

Ben Shapiro Breitbart.com Big Government 4 Jan 2013

With the left looking for its next big cause, Congressional Democrats have latched onto the Sandy Hook massacre as an opportunity to push gun control. Yesterday alone, eight new bills were introduced relating to gun control. Two conservative bills were introduced relating to ending “gun free zones” […]

Media sets gun control narrative, shuts down mental health debate

John Nolte Breitbart.com Big Journalism 15 Dec 2012

As you’ll see in the video below, through Soledad O’Brien, CNN is desperate to set the table for policies that will make us less safe by ensuring only bad guys have guns. This is what I call Narrative Setting, where the media decides what The Narrative (our […]

Democrats Abdicate Responsibility with REINS Vote

Americans for Prosperity 12/8/2011

Americans for Prosperity issued the following statement today in response to the House vote on the REINS Act:

“We commend the work of Rep. Geoff Davis and the Republican leadership for passing this critical reform to restore accountability and constitutional balance to the federal regulatory process,” said AFP VP Policy Phil […]

Mark Steyn: It’s time to re-aim our pitchforks

Mark Steyn The Orange County Register 7/8/2011

…If one were so inclined, one might be heartened by the swift responsiveness to pressure of the allegedly all-powerful bogeyman Murdoch. But you can’t help but notice that this supposed public shaming is awfully selective. In the week of the News Of The World revelations, it was reported […]

Rep. McCarthy introducing national gun control legislation following Sen. Schumer’s lead

Jeff Winkler The Daily Caller 5/5/2011

A House bill that could drastically overhaul the nation’s gun control laws and strengthen federal power over states’ handling of individuals’ background checks is expected to be introduced today by New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, The Daily Caller has learned.

McCarthy is expected to drop the Fix Gun Checks […]