ACORN still under contract with City of New Orleans

While federal and state governments terminate funding, city continues at least one housing contract.

by Steve Beatty
September 23, 2009
The Pelican Institute for Public Policy

A major part of the New Orleans-based ACORN activist empire, Acorn Housing Corp., has at least one ongoing contract with the city, and The Pelican Institute is working to determine how the agency landed the work and whether it is complying with the terms of the deal.

The city has taken no action to suspend the contract…

…Unlike the city, members of Congress have voted to halt payments to the embattled group and its myriad subsidiaries. Gov. Bobby Jindal is among several state leaders who have frozen money after a series of undercover videos showed ACORN advisers in a handful of major cities dispensing information to an ersatz pimp and prostitute who wanted to start a brothel with underage illegal immigrants. The two were conservative activists who released the video to shame ACORN, a favorite target of the right because of its past affiliation with and endorsement of President Obama.

The entire report is here.

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