America: A Sharia-Compliant State

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America: A Sharia-Compliant State. That’s the title of a sub-chapter in a book written by the imam of the proposed Ground Zero mosque. From the ACLJ, The Imam Behind Ground Zero Mosque:

There’s been growing debate about the background and the beliefs of Imam Feisal Rauf, the Imam behind the planned Islamic mosque at Ground Zero in New York City, where thousands of Americans were murdered on 9-11 by Islamic terrorists. Imam Feisal Rauf’s What’s Right with Islam is What’s Right with America: A New Vision for Muslims and the West has been heralded by many as a means to cultivate mutual respect between Islam and America. It is not. The following are excerpts taken directly from Rauf‟s book:

…Chapter 3: What’s Right with America Imam Rauf takes it upon himself to blame the United States for any tension that remains between them and Muslims. He states, “If there is any quarrel Muslims have with America, it is that the United States does not always live up to its own ideal of ethics and values” (79). In sub-chapter America: A Sharia-Compliant State, Rauf states “(w)hat I am demonstrating is that the American political structure is Shariah compliant, for a state inhabited predominantly by Muslims neither defines nor makes it synonymous with an Islamic state. It can become truly Islamic only by virtues of a conscious application of the sociopolitical tenets of Islam to the life of the national, and by an incorporation of those tenets in the basic constitution of the country.” By the same token, a state that does incorporate such sociopolitical tenets has become a de facto Islamic state even if there are no Muslims in name living there, for it expresses the ideals of the good society according to Islamic principles. For America to score even higher on the ‘Islamic’ or ‘Shariah Compliance’ scale, America would need to do two things: invite the voices of all religions to join the dialogue in shaping the nation’s practical life, and allow religious communities more leeway to judge among themselves according to their own laws” 86)…

Rauf believes that “(it) also would not be a violation of church-state separation to have a subsidiary entity within judiciary that employs religious jurists from diverse religious backgrounds to comment on the compliance of certain decisions with their religious laws and to provide guidance to their religious communities on how kosher or Shariah compliant these decisions are” (111)…

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