‘Blood on your hands’

LSU Astronomy Professor Warns Conservative Students On Greenhouse Gases — ‘Blood On Your Hands’

Donald Douglas
American Power

I found this at Inside Higher Ed, which links to CampusReform.org:

And at Fox News, “Global Warming Debate Ignites LSU Classroom“:

…[Bryan Bernys, national director of CampusReform.org] admitted that the video was heavily edited, but argues that it was edited merely to highlight the professor’s comments.

“It’s been edited, as anything like this would have been edited,” he said, noting that the entire 40-minute clip is available online. [Emphasis CAJ] But Bernys was adamant that the comments weren’t taken out of context or altered in any way.

“The professor did make these outlandish comments in class,” he told FoxNews.com. And Bernys, who also heads up the Conservative Leadership Institute, said that Schaefer’s comments were far more pointed when directed at students who chose the conservative point of view…

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