Come to California, @MittRomney

Ace of Spades HQ

Mitt, I know my state isn’t going to vote for you. It won’t even be close. But for the rest of the country, I implore you to come. Come to the Shell station on Olympic and Fairfax in Los Angeles, where the current price for regular is $5.09 a gallon. And rising.

Thanks to the California Air Resources Board, our gasoline is required to have “higher standards” than the other 49 states, and can be refined at only a few facilities. One of those facilities caught fire weeks ago, and without a backup plan, now we get to enjoy $100 fillups for fullsized cars.

This is what the rest of the country will look like if the genius ideas of the ARB spread via an Obama EPA. This is the end result of environmental idiocy and energy regulation. I give it four days before Angelenos quit visiting my big rock on Wilshire and start trying to refine tar out of the La Brea pits.

Your visit doesn’t even require a speech. The visit can be just you pointing at the (ever changing) price sign.

(On a positive note, I think Proposition 30 (Brown’s genius tax hike) is going to lose badly with prices like this. Always an upside, even in hell I suppose.)

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