Conservative Landslide in Australian Elections

Stephen K. Bannon and Alexander Marlow
Big Peace
7 Sep 2013

The conservatives won a stunning landslide victory in Australia’s national elections, capturing 53% of the vote Saturday. Conservative leaders emphasized a hard line against immigration, a carbon tax, and continual increases in government spending. This “no compromise” attitude became a key to victory.

Conservative leader Tony Abbot, a former Rhodes Scholar and Catholic seminarian, has been the center of controversy throughout the campaign because of a “take-no-prisoners” attitude. And for a former boxer, this is hardly a surprise. Abbot has promised intense focus on an economy that is slowing down after a decades-long mining boom driven by demand for natural resources by China’s manufacturers.

This brought an end to six years of Labor Party rule which was marked by an extremely unpopular decision to impose a hefty tax on “carbon polluters.” Abbot promised to boost the country’s fledgling economy by ending that tax…


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Update: The Australian Tea Party wrote on their Facebook page:

This is definitely international news: “Australia is under new management. And once more open for business”

~Tony Abbott (Australian Prime Minister).



Update 2: Quote of the Week, down under edition

Many Australians are celebrating the win of Tony Abbott and his coalition government as a vote by the populace against the much hated Carbon Tax ramrodded by former prime minister Julia Gillard.

David Elder of Australia, commenting on this event at WUWT, condensed what many of us feel about global warming and environmentalism into a single sentence…


More  observations about the election from The Telegraph of Australia.



Update 3:   Australian blogger Sheik Yer Mami reminds us:

“Conservative” Landslide in Australian Elections

“Conservative?” Tony Abbott’s National Liberal Party is hardly “conservative”.

Downunder, its all socialism, all the time.




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