Democrats reduce women to 'lady parts'


“Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It…Because they kinda do.” 

Ann Althouse

Something that was on the Obama campaign website and, when widely noticed, taken down. Imagine if the sexes were reversed: Vote like your manhood depends on it… because it kinda does.

Click here to see the image at full size.

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Weren’t they recently outraged at Todd Akin’s sexist remarks?

UpdateObama Grades The United States On How It Treats Women: “Incomplete”…

In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, President Barack Obama gives the United States an “incomplete” grade. Obama’s grade is based on how women are treated in America. “I think the way I’d grade the United States right now is incomplete,” says Obama. “There are more opportunities for women than ever before…”

Update 2: Hypocrite! Remember this blast from the past?  Obama’s White House is a ‘hostile environment where women are treated like meat …

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